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Angola Geology Shows South America's and Africa's History

Recent research has revealed more about the split between South America and Africa!

A region that broke off of Pangea, the supercontinent Gondwana consisted of the coasts of both South America and Africa.

Samples from the southern coast of Angola were recently dug up and revealed more about times during 130 to 71 million years ago!

Rifts, or gashes in Earth's crust, become apparent when landmasses like these two continents move apart from each other. Over time, the South Atlantic Ocean formed between the spaces of these continents. However, while evidence of these events has been previously found, rarely has it been observed in the same local area. They are especially visible as well.

The team's fieldwork in Angola began all the way back in 2005. Different pieces of the land like fossils, sediments, and wildlife revealed what this major continental split was like. We know the idea of Pangea, but it's really cool to see the deep dive into the specific areas that split off!


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