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Breaking Gender Norms: Women Leading the Computer Science Revolution

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Hello everyone! I'm Jeshada, a student who's interested in studying computer science. Naturally, I did some research on the field and noticed an odd pattern. There weren't many women being represented in this field. To combat this problem, I would like to introduce you all to a few successful computer scientists that are women!

Grace Hopper

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Born in 1906, Grace Hopper was one of the women who've made an impact in the Computer Science world. We owe major thanks to her as she invented the compiler. Without her who knows where we would be technology-wise! Programming used to be a complex and laborious task. It required programmers to write machine specific instructions for each task. However a new tool - the compiler, was born thanks to Grace Hopper. The tool translated human readable code into machine readable code making the workload for programmers much lighter!

In 1959, Hopper invented COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language), this was the first user friendly business computer software program.

Annie Easley

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Many may know her for her work in mathematics and engineering, but Annie Easley has made contributions to the Computer Science world that should be recognized. Her work involved coding and programming and she played a significant role in developing and using computer programs to analyze the data related to energy conversion systems including both chemical and thermal processes. To further her already breaking gender norms by being a woman in computer science, she was also one of the first African-Americans to work at NASA as a computer scientist. How interesting!

Now, I know I only covered two women but I must address the low number of women in computer science! It is known that computer science has 1 of the lowest amount of women working or even studying in it. Only around 20% of computer science degrees are given to women. Could you believe that? Despite the high salaries and job demand, it's still a male dominated field. In my opinion, I think if more women joined the field there would be way more contributions to the field.

There are many reasons why women should join the field. Here are some of my personal reasons:

  1. Problem solving - Technology involves a bunch of complex challenges to face. With diverse approaches to various problems we can accomplish many technological advances.

  2. Diversity - With more women, we can change the fact that computer science is male dominated and show to the world that women can contribute many discoveries that would help society grow and not just men.

  3. Innovation and creativity - By entering the field, women can introduce fresh perspectives that help to shape the future of technology.

  4. Finance - When choosing a career, many people consider how much money they would make. In fact, computer science is a high paying field! The demand is high which means there are competitive salaries. Computer science also has one of the smallest pay gaps between the male and female workers with women earning 94% of what a man would earn. You can't tell me that doesn't sound good.

In a society ran by our technological advancements, I can say the presence of women is a major need. As we remember both Grace Hopper's, Annie Easley and the other women who've made contributions to the tech world, I can say that having diversity can fuel major advancements and lead us to become better as a society by working together. That's all I have to say for now, however, if you'd like to read up more about women in computer science I will list a few sites. Remember together we can code our way into a better future for us. Thank you for reading!

Here are the sites!


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