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Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Popular Acne Products?

Whether you've used it yourself or saw it in the pharmacy, benzoyl peroxide is a common ingredient used to fight acne. It causes the skin to dry and peel, fighting the bacteria that form acne. A recent study done by an independent lab, Valisure, shows that high levels of benzene are in these products.

According to their study, when benzoyl peroxide products are stored at high temperatures, such as in hot cars or delivery trucks, at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 14 days, high levels of benzene are generated.

Benzene is a kind of chemical that is created from a variety of processes, and it absorbs into the air especially quickly. Natural sources can include gasoline and parts of crude oil. If breathed in for a long time, benzene can cause harm to the tissues that form blood cells, specifically bone marrow. This can cause changes in blood components so it's important to be aware of exposure to benzene.

One specific area of the study that raises a question from popular creators such as Lab Muffin Beauty Science is the high-temperature level that which the products were tested. Even in the shower, products are not going to reach that high level of 150 degrees F and are thus not affected in the same way. Still, much is unsure in this situation so it's important to pay attention to new information and to consult with your dermatologist.

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