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Cracking the Code: The Ethics of AI

Work, I. A. (2020, November 19). Five Major Ethical Challenges AI Developers Should Consider. IEEE Innovation at Work.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made waves over the past couple of years. New AI, such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, AlphaFord, etc., has made headlines after headlines. However, there has also been much controversy over these big brand names.

Firstly, let's delve into what AI really is. Artificial intelligence is the science of creating a robot that can think like a human being. AI can make decisions like humans and can scour the World Wide Web (the internet) in order to find any piece of information for us. This is a huge deal for us, as these machines can learn and improve, as well as bring us new information. They help with homework and the generation of ideas, and almost every part of machine learning can be added to our daily lives. Machine learning and AI have made our lives much easier. Want to know what to watch on Netflix? AI can recommend a couple of shows, movies, and interactive games related to your favourite show. Want an ad for a new TV? AI has got you covered.

AI certainly has made many improvements to our daily lives, and we have greatly benefited from them. However, what is the line drawn to using AI?

Firstly, let's talk about machine learning. What is it? Machine learning is a branch of AI and Computer Science that focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the way humans learn and act while improving their own accuracy. This means that it uses other work, from the internet and in its database, to improve upon itself. These other works normally include works from humans, as these machines need human work in order to learn how to produce work like humans.

AI has taken not only industries but also social media by storm. There are so many filters on TikTok and Instagram that use AI, such as those "Pose for the Camera and See Which Kind of Princess / Prince / Queen / King / Ethnicity / Dog / Cat, etc. are You" filters. With these filters, you get to see what kind of artwork you become into, but can these AI create their own? The short answer is no. No, they cannot make their own artwork. AI is machine learning, which means that this technology needs to learn from other pieces of information. AI cannot create an image based on its own thoughts and feelings, as we humans do. While art by humans is made as a reflection of their own humanity, their existence - AI learns from the artworks made by other artists to create its own. Hence, there is a huge problem of AI "stealing" artworks, as they learn from these arts and make copies of similar-looking art. This is not only seen in paintings and forms of expressionism via paint or drawing, etc., but also in dance, music, and basically every art form.

AI is also used in a lot of homework. With the recent boost in growth of ChatGPT, many students around the world have been using AI to help themselves with their studies. Again, AI uses others' work to learn how to make things, and hence, the information that you get might be taken from others on the internet.

Lastly, AI is used in many professional settings. Big companies such as Disney and Marvel have used AI in their movies and TV shows, which in turn has cost many jobs. While AI is inherently cheaper than paying artists, it takes away many jobs, leaving these artists out of work. AI has also been used in script writing. While these scripts may not be anything particularly great or emotional, they show these big companies that AI can take many people's jobs. These AIs are cheaper than paying their employees, and hence it would be easier for these big companies. However, by using this AI, they take jobs away from those who are capable of thinking, feeling, and producing heartfelt and touching movies and shows. Hence, by using AI, not only does it take away jobs, but it also produces shows and films that are vaguely appealing and repetitive. Again, this AI also uses "inspiration" from other filmmakers and directors to create its own. Hence, again, bringing up the question of whether AI is ethical or not.

Even though AI is seen as unethical and something not to be used, it is possible to teach the AI about possible biases. Who knows? Maybe one day AI will be able to create its own work.

So, what do you guys think? Do you believe that AI is ethical in every form? Or, do you think that AI should be eradicated?



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