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Electrical Engineers

Learn more about one of the most flexible engineering degrees/careers!

L. (2014, August 27). What Is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineers help by designing, testing, and supervising the creation of electrical equipment. This can include navigation systems, radars, and motors.

These engineers can also work for the government, and they usually help with research in development in computing, transportation, and aviation. Their job is very similar to that of an electronic engineer.

-Most electrical engineers work full-time, and most enter with a bachelor's degree

-Internships are very important to have in this field

-Although the field is growing at a slower-than-average pace, it still provides high pay and great opportunities!,Electrical%20engineers%20design%2C%20develop%2C%20test%2C%20and%20supervise%20the%20manufacture,systems%2C%20or%20power%20generation%20equipment.

Best states to work in for electrical engineering:

(State- Average Salary)

Washington- $111,676

Alaska- $102,897

California- $98,790

New Mexico- $94,728

Massachusetts- $90,413

Overall, if you enjoy electronics, trigonometry, calculus, and physics, this could be the one for you! It is important to have concentration, initiative, and math/speaking skills.


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