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High School Classes to Learn More About S.T.E.M.

There are nearly 30,000 high schools just in the United States! Each one offers a different set of courses, whether it be honors, AP, IB, or dual enrollment. Check out the list below for some of the most common and challenging courses you can take if your school offers them!

Teacher Shortage Forces Some Madison, Wis., Classes Online. (2022, October 5). GovTech.


-Biology Honors

-Chemistry Honors

-Environmental Science Honors

-Astronomy Honors

-Anatomy Honors

-Forensic Science

-AP Physics (1, 2, and C)

-AP Biology

-AP Chemistry

-AP Environmental Science


-Python Programming (I, II)

-AP Computer Science Principles

-AP Computer Science A

Engineering (often overlap with other S.T.E.M. disciplines)

-Any engineering or design courses

-Robotics classes


-AP Calculus AB

-AP Calculus BC

-AP Statistics

-Pre-Calculus Honors

-Algebra 1

-Algebra 2

-Math 1

-Math 2

-Math 3

-Math 4

Overall, there are many courses to choose from if you want to learn more about STEM! Each school offers a different selection, so make sure you are making the most of what is offered. Happy Learning!


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