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How Biology is Evolving and Helping Us for the Better

Biology. The study of life. Biologists help with a ton of things ranging from classification, research, and identifying all sorts of interesting plants, animals, and ecosystems! There are lots of jobs that come with a biology major ranging from a biology teacher to a biotechnologist, microbiologist, and many more.

For many years, the biology field has been... well, far behind compared to the physics and chemistry fields because of one main reason, the complexity of biology. chemistry and physics study inanimate objects whereas biology studies life and the problem is it's very hard to fully understand something that's very hard to fully comprehend.

Although not to worry, our technology is helping us with much more complex things. For example, the invention of Miniaturized technologies for high-throughput drug screening enzymatic assays and diagnostics. According to, "Miniaturization technologies are of increasing interest in drug screening research with microfluidic-based devices leading to decreases in analysis time, the amount of enzyme needed and the consumption of reagents."

Genetic engineering according to the National Human Genome Research Institute is Genetic engineering (also called genetic modification) is a process that uses laboratory-based technologies to alter the DNA makeup of an organism. This may involve changing a single base pair (A-T or C-G), deleting a region of DNA, or adding a new segment of DNA.

Now the point is that we are developing much faster and we are understanding more and more about the complexity of animals, plants, and all living things. Although it may seem as if we are not very far ahead yet, we are just getting started and we will at some point in time finally understand what we are to the fullest extent.

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