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How does our Relationship with Parents Affect our Brain?

Stanger, M. (2020, December 9). 4 Effects Your Parents’ Relationship Has On You. Retrieved from

When you have a full, loving family, you can think that you're lucky. Because you are least likely to have problems in adulthood. But what happens if a child lives in a family where there's always abuse, conflict, and fighting? This article gives a full overview of problems between children and parents.

You can guess that when a kid lives in a family where there are always quarrels and mental or physical abuse, they will feel really lonely and will need someone to rely on, except for their parents. But what happens if they don't find this person?

Obviously, they will try to find love in relationships or alcohol in order to fill themselves with calmness. In the case of relationships, it's most likely to be an absolute disaster. The kid was abused his whole childhood, so it's easily understood that the same thing will happen with their relationship as well. In the case of alcohol, it's most likely to be an addiction. Those people tend to commit different types of crimes too. If the case is not too bad, then it can just be a robbery, but if we have to deal with something more serious, it can cause much worse crimes like murder, etc. Those problems can usually be solved by a usual therapist, but if a person has already committed a crime, we should consider taking pills and going to a psychiatrist as much as possible.


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