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Psychology of Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals: Who are they and what do they do? (n.d.).

If you have ever wanted to know, what cybercrime means and why it happens, this article is made exactly for you!

Let's start with the definition itself. Cybercrime refers to criminal activities that are carried out using computers, networks, or the internet. So, every each of you must be well aware of crimes like that. But what exactly makes those people commit those crimes? At first, financial gain, obviously. Let's just imagine that you really like the Gucci purse, but it seems too expensive for you. Therefore, you decided to find a site where it can be sold much cheaper. You made a payment and never got your purse. That's exactly what cybercriminals want. They make people believe that on the site you can purchase something much cheaper than in other shops, and just take your money.

Secondly, we all know that on the internet everyone can be whoever they want to be. They are usually trying to make the victim believe in any words they say. And then, after the criminal got what they wanted, they can either: delete an account or block you. And it's obvious that they are most likely to never be found. And last, but not least is that they just don't like some people or want revenge. They may write you a nasty comment, engage you in online harassment, or sometimes even threaten you/or your relatives. Those people are usually insecure and can't say anything to the person, so they try to show themselves on the internet, where no one can know their real identity.

To protect yourself from it you must have strong passwords, use antivirus and not text or use the link that some strangers send you.


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