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Ranking STEM

Right off the bat, I think I have a personal bias towards some of the subjects in STEM!! Let's get started!

4. Coming in last place, I have to put technology. When I'd do coding in elementary school classes (like Scratch), I always somewhat liked it but it never really got the same interest as some other subjects. I have a lot of respect for those that can do all that though!!

3. Third, I put engineering just because I feel like I don't have as much experience. This is something I'd love to explore more in the future though!

2. Second, I have to put math. I think this subject has come easiest to me, but I also find it really interesting, nothing can beat #1 though!

  1. Coming in first place is science!! I will always love science, there is so much to explore and you can go so in depth. I think it's really cool to see how I rank my subjects in STEM, what would you do???


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