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Social Media and Forensic Investigations

"If it weren't for social media, we wouldn't have caught him ever." That's what they've said about one case, where police were trying to find a criminal for 20 years, but only social media and modern technology helped them. Are apps and other platforms really that helpful?

To start with, there are no doubts that social platforms have made significant changes in investigations, justice, and public perception. On the positive side, some social media apps may provide strong evidence and trails to criminals and to their identities. Nowadays, we all use social media, so there are not many difficulties with finding a person through the internet. Moreover, law enforcement is able to check individuals' personal websites and communicate with them. Following these steps, they are able to find clues about the criminal or receive additional information about them. Lastly, social media is good at identifying potential suspects and witnesses. Facial recognition technology and analysis can help investigators narrow down leads.

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On the negative side, misinformation can spread through social media, which can distort public perception, affecting the justice system. Secondly, when law enforcement uses the media to find someone, they are breaking the law as well. It's not because of threatening or retrieving illegal information; it's about the person's privacy. It's known worldwide that no one can break into another's account, hack it, or get information. Also, it depends solely on social media for evidence, which may introduce bias as not everyone is fully active or visible online. This could lead to an incomplete understanding of a person's activities and identity.

To sum it up, media and apps play a crucial role in law, investigations, forensics, and solving cases. To use this opportunity properly, people should follow certain steps. It's not only because of the desire to go unnoticed, but also because of trying not to break the law or get into other people's business. Modern technology and useful apps have brought a significant revolution to the world of crime and forensics. The ability to find evidence, witnesses, and do an analysis is a brilliant opportunity for law and police. With the use of locating and connecting with people as well as social media, it has become much more convenient for the identification of suspects and other people involved.


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