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Strong Tornadoes This Week in the US

Did you know that this week there are expected tornadoes across the country? Read on to find out more!

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Meteorologists are warning those in the Plains (consisting of the states Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming , Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico) of severe tornadoes this week.

Just this afternoon (Monday), the National Weather Service issued a "potentially dangerous situation" alert. The combination of the previous heavy rain and wind storm with a warm and humid air mass is what causes these potential tornadoes. Already, severe thunderstorms have erupted in states like western South Dakota and Nebraska.

While tornadoes may seem common in these areas, this extreme risk warning issued today actually hasn't been put out since April 4, 2023! It's expected that dozens of tornadoes will erupt in the coming days. For anyone out in that area, stay safe!


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