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The Future of Food: Pros & Cons of Artificial Food

The world is rapidly changing around us and as time moves forward, so must food!

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Introducing Artificial Food: The Future of Food!

Artificial food, also known as synthetic food, are food that are made from ingredients that are not naturally deprived, created to replicate normal food. Common examples include: plant-based meat , vegan cheese, tofu burgers etc!

However do you ever wonder about the pros and cons of these artificial foods? Well good news to all you curious folks because we will be discussing about the pros and cons of artificial food in this article!

Pros of Artificial Food:

Saves more animals

Since a lot of artificial foods are made from plant-based products like beans, lesser animals will have to be killed for food. So we still get to have a tasty bite of burgers without hurting any animals in the process!

More varieties of food

Adding onto the fact that most artificial foods and made from plant based products, vegans will now have more varieties of foods without having to worry about harming a single animal.

Preserves food longer

Many artificial foods can last longer compared to normal food. This makes it great for situations like a pandemic or a flood where you would need to have a supply of food that can last long enough until help arrives/until you can get more.

Less bacteria

Artificial foods like cultured meat are made from animal cells, so scientists would be able to reduce the amount of bacteria in them, making them contain lesser harmful bacteria and better suited for human consumption.

Cons of Artificial Food: Lack of nutrients

Artificial foods do not have the same natural nutrients as real food because they are artificially made.Our body might take some time to adapt to the new food as well so you might find some changes in your body such as weight loss after switching to a diet that mainly consist of artificial food.

Does not have the exact flavors of real food

Although artificial food are artificially modified to taste similar to traditional food, most artificial foods are unable to capture the authentic flavors of traditional food.

Uses more resources & has a higher production cost

Artificial food such as cultured meat needs about 50L of growth medium to produce a single beef burger, and requires a lot of energy for the factories/labs that produce it. However this might change in the future when more ways to produce artificial meat is introduced.


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