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The Rise of AI

Why Companies Are Vastly Underprepared For The Risks Posed By AI


Everyone has heard of ChatGPT. The artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot rose to prominence when it was released in late 2022, and it has grew to become more well-known. The release of ChatGPT has kicked off the development of new and different AI platforms, and today, one can find various types of AI on the Internet. There are websites to create an image based on a few keywords and extensions that can write emails. AI has become a part of our everyday life. But what does that mean?

The largest concern with AI is how students can use it dishonestly. Teachers give many assignments and essays, and do so with reason. They want students to do their work so they can learn and improve. But if AI is writing those essays and providing students with all the answers to their homework problems, they won't be learning, and the purpose of school will be rendered redundant. Thus, many schools have implemented rules against AI usage and will check student writing with AI content detectors. They hope to reduce reliance on AI to do student work. But is this truly the best course of action?

AI can be a helpful tool. From editing papers to explaining math problems, ChatGPT and other AI models can help students with various tasks that their teachers might not have time to do one-on-one. If utilized in such ways, students can gain many benefits from AI that will help them in school and the future. AI is not inherently a bad thing, it depends on what it is used for.

AI, once thought impossible, has now become widespread in our world. It is an important creation that will affect the course of humanity's development. Technological advances will only continue to increase and more will follow the birth of the AI we know today. Artificial intelligence is a testament to the ever-changing landscape of technology. As we navigate this new era, it is crucial to find a balance between leveraging the potential benefits of AI and addressing its ethical implications.

The rise of AI, epitomized by ChatGPT, shows a transformative phase in our society. While concerns about academic integrity and misuse exist, there is also the potential for AI to serve as a valuable tool for education. The future of AI will undoubtedly shape how we approach learning, work, and daily life. As we continue to integrate artificial intelligence into our routines, it is imperative that we remain alert while staying responsible and ethical when using this powerful technology. The discourse surrounding AI will play a pivotal role in defining its impact on humanity.


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