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The Sociology and the Food Waste

Reducing Food Waste. (2022, October 19). Retrieved from

The food waste is often used to talk about a food, which was thrown and/or spoiled on purpose by the individuals. In the 21st century, the problem of food waste is highly popular, because a lot of bloggers on the internet are advertising the cruel actions related to food. They throw it away, demolish it, or do whatever they come up with. Afterwards, a lot of children now are doing the same thing because they think it's normal. But we all know, that it's actually not. It's really significant to know about this type of waste, because the new generation can prevent it and teach younger people how to treat the food correctly.

I should start with the social factors that only make the waste bigger. Firstly, the consumer's behavior and preferences in food. Sometimes people buy something new and they don't like it eventually. That's the biggest social factor that leads to the global problem. Secondly, large portion sizes. In USA and in Europe it is a huge problem, because in any type of restaurant or in the cafe, you'll be offered with an enormous plate of food. And it's not bad unless you throw the half of it into the rubbish can. Thirdly, judgement and fear. It's really popular among the teenagers today. They just too afraid to eat in front of the crowd and get rid of 1/3 of the plate.

To talk about the consequences, I must point out biodiversity loss. While people are getting rid of products, it's really hard to produce them again and sell them again. Secondly, increase of product cost. The government and the shop's owners see the problem, and try to make the costs higher and to prevent the crisis. Thirdly, the respect for food itself. Food waste makes it really challenging to respect other people's preferences and values as well as appreciation for the resources.

Preventing food waste requires a collective effort from individuals, households, businesses, and policymakers. There's the steps that we can make to solve this problem: raise awareness and education, embrace technology, strict the law, warn other people, especially young ones, reduce food loss.


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