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Top Colleges for Engineering

Want to major in engineering? Check out this list of some of the best undergraduate engineering programs in the world!

It's no secret that engineering majors are on the rise, they provide a promising job outlook and many different opportunities. We all know the "Number One Ranked" college in the United States, but did you know there are some less well-known institutions that actually have better engineering programs?

#1: According to U.S. News, the current best engineering school as of 2022 is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This is likely not a surprise. Founded in 1861, MIT is a private land-grant research institution located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has 4,360 undergraduate students enrolled. The acceptance rate is around 4%. As you may have predicted, its top employers include Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. This school certainly earns the top spot.

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#2: The second best engineering school is Stanford University. Located in Stanford, California, this institution is a private research university. The campus takes up over 8,180 acres, and has a teacher to student ratio of 1:5. They only accept about 5% of their applicants. Fun fact, Stanford does not have an official mascot. Though, there is an unofficial mascot named "The Stanford Tree".

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Many often assume that universities with high acceptance rates are "not good enough" or "have bad programs". But this could not be further from the truth, as seen by the next school.

#4: Purdue University lands the fourth spot! They accept 69% of applicants to their university, but keep in mind this includes less competitive majors offered. Nonetheless, Purdue's engineering program excels in all aspects. Founded in 1869, Purdue is a public land-grant research university located in West Lafayette, Indiana. The college of engineering has a rolling application deadline. Although many people know of Purdue, many agree that Stanford and MIT are more "prestigious". This, of many examples goes to show that you should choose a college based on their program in your major, not simply on the latest rankings overall.

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Overall, the main takeaway from this post is that prestige level should not be the main factor when picking what colleges to apply to, and attend if given the opportunity. Even on the list, both Texas A & M and UT Texas rank above Princeton and Harvard. Here are some other colleges with fantastic engineering programs:

-University of California, Berkeley

-Georgia Institute of Technology

-University of Michigan

-Carnegie Mellon University

-University of California, San Diego

-University of Illinois

-Columbia University

-Cornell University

-Northwestern University

-University of Maryland

-University of Colorado


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