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What Can You Do With a Degree in Food Science?

Ever been interested in pursuing food science or simply intrigued to learn what professionals in the field use their degree for? Read on to find out!

Food science is an applied science that combines foundational knowledge in chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics to maximize the nutrition and safety of food and improve the public's understanding of what they eat.

-US News, 2023

Food is all around us. From inside our refrigerators, grocery stores, and our favorite restaurants to dine out in, the presence of food and the science behind it often goes unnoticed. Did you know that even with the simplest item in your pantry, a food scientist has likely helped with the research and development?

Often in university, students pursuing food science take classes in fields similar to other STEM majors. This could include subjects like biology and chemistry. Usually, the beginning years of a student's career are meant to build up foundational knowledge before becoming more specialized in the upper years. After the more broad subjects are covered and understood, specific courses like food microbiology and brewing science can be explored.

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Recently, experts have reported an uptick in the overall interest in studying food science. This trend has especially factored in with sustainability to produce and develop food products to be more environmentally friendly.

Food science is still a field in demand though. There are only a limited number of food science programs, especially in comparison to other fields. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in agricultural and food science are projected to grow faster than average, at a rate of 6% from 2022 to 2032.

From research labs, upper departments of restaurant chains, and even state and federal regulatory agencies, food scientists work in a variety of settings. It's common for students to even go on to pursue a master's and doctorate degree to gain further specialization within a particular field of interest.

Given the demand for food scientists, it's nice to see interest growing in such a fascinating and interdisciplinary field of study. Maybe this post even made you more interested in learning more about the topic! Whatever it may be, this is sure a field to watch for its many research topics and applications within the real world.

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