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Why Engineering is Changing the World

Hey guys it's Olivia/Liv! I've always been fascinated by engineering, specifically mechanical engineering, and I wanted to provide insights into why it is such an amazing field.

Engineering is fascinating for many reasons. It combines all sorts of subjects from math, science, physics, and even art! Whether it be biological, computer, electrical, or just plain old mechanical engineering, each one provides a complete set of skills that will aid students for the rest of their lives, not only in their careers and academic paths.

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Recently engineering is gaining more popularity (the same goes for women in engineering!). As predicted by The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there will be 140,000 new jobs for engineers by the year 2026. Much of this demand comes from fields like mechanical, civil, and even industrial.

Not to mention, engineers have a fantastic salary outlook, even straight out of college! For example, electrical engineers have an average salary of $78,143 after receiving a bachelor of science degree. While one should not pursue engineering solely for the salary, it is a great bonus to the already fascinating field.

But don't worry! Although there are so many engineering fields and majors one can pursue in university studies, there is a lot of overlapping between subjects so don't get too worried over choosing a specific one when they probably incorporate many of the same concepts. And if you think engineering isn't for you, that's also okay! Engineering is clearly not the only career that is improving in the real world. What is more important is to do what one is interested in and wants to continue for the rest of their life!


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