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Why Should We Study Criminology?

Ohsowski, K. (2022, April 19). What is Criminology All About? Retrieved from

Criminology is a mysterious area of study that includes clues, crimes, and punishments. By studying this exact thing, you can explore numerous cases and understand individuals' minds more. The criminal justice system is intricate, multidimensional, and made up of a wide range of organizations and procedures. Studying criminology can help you fully comprehend the operation of the criminal justice system, including the functions of the police, courts, and corrections. Anyone interested in a career in criminal justice, social work, or a related profession may find this information helpful.

But let's talk about more interesting things now. Have you ever been asking yourself, "Why does a human brain work like that? Why did those people make up their minds about this decision?". And I can totally understand your great interest. By exploring the minds of criminals, their diseases, and the causes that brought so many crimes to this world, you will not only find answers to your questions but also improve your critical thinking and draw your own conclusions.

The value of criminology cannot be overstated in a time when crime is still evolving along with our rapidly changing environment. A safer and more equitable society is more likely to be created the more money we devote to criminological study, instruction, and practical implementation. We have a duty as responsible global citizens to acknowledge the crucial role that criminology plays in our quest for a better future and to actively support it as it expands and develops. We are moving closer to a society where crime is recognized, addressed, and eventually minimized through the adoption of criminology.


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